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By Michelle Kirk, Mushin Art Artist


Greetings, my name is Michelle Kirk.  The artwork you are viewing on this website was created in my own style that I've been developing over the past several years.  I began by first working with small pen and ink drawings, then acrylic paintings.

I named the art Mushin Art™ and created the term to apply to my works of art exclusively.  Mushin is a Japanese term meaning 'no mind'.  Basically the term mushin, describes the martial artists ability to fully focus on the task at hand... defending oneself.

I've applied the term to my type of art in a similar fashion.  When I free the mind of external distractions, I can give my total focus and attention to the task at hand... creating a work of art.

As an observer of my art, you will notice that there is a balance between the positive and negative spaces... a Yin-Yang approach to the application of the black paint on a white canvas.  This type of approach, allows for a more balanced image to adorn the canvas.  The image can cover the entire canvas or only a portion of it when painting in the Mushin Art™ style.

I enjoy the creativity of not focusing on what the completed image is to become, but what the current shape is that I am working on.  I know a work of art is complete when the shapes become one complete image.

New images are added to the gallery as the works-of-art are completed, however as this type of art takes quite sometime to create, there are only a few pieces added to the gallery at any given time.  They range in size from 3 "x5" to 40 "x40".

The largest painting I have painted to date is 40"x40" and it is entitled "Next To Nothing Is Always Something". If you would like to view it as well as some of the other works-of-art from my private collection, please click on the Gallery to the left.

If you are interested in owning of of my original works of art, I currently paint to order one-of-a-kind originals in three different sizes: 16"x20", 24"x24" and 40"x40".   

For details and information on how to place an order, please click on the  Place An Order link.

Thank you for visiting Mushin Art Studios™ .



Michelle Kirk, Mushin Art™ Artist



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Shape Of An Equine

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Copyright © 2000-2015 Michelle Kirk

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